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Fraser the Fish – The Man… The Fish… The Legend…

Behind that beautiful scaly head (ok it’s actually furry) is a hard working volunteer!!  CTU staff lucked out when we

St Vrain TUer Speaks Out on Flood Response

Erik Wilkinson, the Conservation Chair of the TU St Vrain Anglers chapter, recently published an opinion piece in the Longmont

Hermosa Bill Takes Another Step Forward!

Legislation to establish wilderness and a special management area protecting Southwest Colorado’s Hermosa Creek watershed passed unanimously through a US

Tell EPA and the Corps: Protect Our Headwaters!

Tell EPA and the Corps: Protect Our Headwaters! Act by November 14 to help ensure that the Clean Water Act

What’s Happening in Your Watershed

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Action Center

Roan: Help us thank CO elected officials for their help

For years, Colorado TU and our Grand Valley Anglers chapter have worked on protecting and restoring habitat on western Colorado’s

Tell EPA & Congress: Protect Our Headwaters

Good news: EPA has proposed rules to protect headwater and feeder streams.  Bad news: some in Congress want to block

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